Helping you navigate the investment landscape

AZ Sestante is a specialist investment consultant focused on designing and managing a range of multi-manager model portfolios via SMAs, MDAs, and fund of funds.

We believe that the majority of a portfolio’s return is generated by its asset allocation and hence our philosophy and processes focus on dynamic asset allocation. We strive to achieve the investment objectives of a portfolio within its risk budget, as defined by the asset allocation parameters.

Our parent company Azimut is Italy’s largest independent asset manager listed on the Italian stock exchange. The group manages over AU$130 billion in assets globally including over AU$7.8 billion in multi-manager solutions.

Sestante is the Italian word for the sextant, the most important nautical instrument sailors and mariners relied on for navigation. This is also our ultimate goal – to help advisers and investors navigate the investment landscape, by providing guidance and direction to keep you on path to achieving your investment goals and objectives.

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