Portfolio Changes to CFS FirstChoice

18 August 2023
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Portfolio Changes to CFS FirstChoice Dynamic Managed Accounts

All portfolios sold their holding in the Macquarie Income Opportunities fund and allocated that holding to Perpetual Diversified Income fund. The Macquarie Income Opportunities fund performance has disappointed compared to its peer group and we are of the view that the Perpetual Diversified Income fund will produce a better and more consistent return.

 Conservative  Moderate  Diversified  Balanced  Assertive  Aggressive
 Macquarie Income Opps. -5.25% -8.0% -5.49% -4.0% 0% 0%
Perpetual Diversified Inc. 5.25% 8.0% 5.49% 4.0% 0% 0%

Portfolio Changes to CFS FirstChoice Fund of Funds

The above trade was also conducted for the Sestante fund of funds portfolios also available on the platform.

 Conservative  Diversified  Growth
Macquarie Income Opps. -5.25% -5.0% 0.%
Perpetual Diversified Inc. 5.25% 5.0% 0%


For more information, please contact Andrew Davies or Joel Sasim.